How many of you are aware of the Japanese actor Ryosuke Miki and his long breath miracle diet? Well, he invented a breathing technique by chance that seems to get rid of the extra weight. This breathing technique was supposed to give him relief from backache but its mojo worked astonishingly in losing the unwanted fat. Especially around your waistline, the stubborn fat that gets accumulated, is quite difficult to lose. Even regular exercise and controlled diet takes months or years to get in good shape. Ryosuke just did it with a 3-second breath. How incredible is that!

He named it as long-breath diet which involves standing straight with one leg in front and the other at back. With arms raised above the head, it’s simple inhaling for 3 seconds and exhaling for 7 seconds. Easy yet effective!

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Till date, you only knew about two ways to reduce weight, diet and exercise but now you have two secret tips, iSlim and Japanese breathing technique. Combine all the four and you will fall in love with the weighing machine. iSlim flat tummies work wonders when blended with the right diet and workout. No more worrying about obesity and its related health issues. Experience yourself and spread the good news with your loved ones. iSlim flat tummies, not just in name, but in fame too. Let’s work together to make the world fat-free!